The Chrome update that would improve your laptop battery in 2 hours

The Chrome update that would improve your laptop battery in 2 hours

An update is available that can extend the life of your laptop. You already know that many users are convinced that their laptops consume more battery when they work through Google Chrome, Google’s bedside browser and the most used by a large majority. You have probably noticed if you are one of those who open tabs and more tabs non-stop. Be that as it may, it seems that Google is finalizing the details of a new version of Chrome, whose name will be Chrome 86.

One of its main innovations, if not the most important, will be the integration of an experimental function, with the aim of reducing energy consumption in laptops. It is a tool that automatically closes unnecessary Javascript timers and trackers, whenever a tab is in the background. According to Google experts, this small change would be a big click, which would allow users to save the energy consumption of their equipment in a meaningful way.

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Up to two more hours of autonomy in tests carried out

In tests conducted by Google, the reduction in energy consumption after the integration of this improvement would have been significant. We are talking about two hours of extra battery, having made a test with up to 36 bottom tabs and a blank foreground tab.

It may seem like a somewhat exaggerated test, by the number of tabs open. But, it should not be forgotten that many users use their browser practically as a desktop and have, within Chrome, all the tools they need to do their daily work.

However, it should be noted that this energy saving may not be so drastic when performing very specific tasks. For example, watching videos on YouTube. When using this type of services, consumption increases considerably. Even so, through this new Chrome function, Google would have achieved up to 36 more minutes of autonomy. Which is not a small thing at all.


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