the company filters its design in a video

OnePlus’ new cheap mobile phone reveals its design for the first time in a video published by the company on its Instagram account.

OnePlus continues to work on the arrival of its affordable terminal, the OnePlus Nord. A device that will be the The brand’s first mobile phone with two front cameras and that little by little it is offering new details. The Asian manufacturer seems to be taking its slogan ‘Never settle’ seriously, betting on the launch of a cheaper smartphone that it has just offered a first look at its design through a short video in the form of a teaser.

The Chinese company has published a small video of a minute and a half long on its official Instagram account in which it offers a first look at the OnePlus Nord, is the most affordable smartphone that will be released this July. As usual, as the launch of a smartphone approaches, teasers offer more details about it. On this occasion the Chinese company has shown the external housing hands of one of the models in the video published on the well-known photography social network.

OnePlus Nord filtered design

The first look at the full design of the OnePlus Nord, the affordable OnePlus phone.

In this video, which you can see just below these same lines, during a few seconds You can see the OnePlus Nord and its design. A teaser that appears more or less the minute the video starts and offers a look at the terminal’s design. Although it is somewhat blurred, it can be seen that the new affordable smartphone from the Asian manufacturer will have a gray back and with a configuration of vertical rear camera located in the upper left corner.

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The OnePlus Nord will be gray and will have two front cameras

On the other hand, during a moment of the video you can also see the front of the terminal, specifically the double drill hole which is located in the upper left corner of the screen. But that’s not all, since it also highlights the return of the popular notification slider, although in the video there are no more details that can be known about this new smartphone from the company.

Regarding its characteristics, the leaks have revealed that the OnePlus Nord’s front photographic system will consist of a 32-megapixel main sensor, plus a ultra wide 8 megapixel destined to capture selfies group. Therefore, taking into account the leaked information, the OnePlus Nord It will not only be the brand’s first mobile phone with a dual front camera. It will also be the model with a higher resolution on your front head sensor.

On the other hand, some rumors have also suggested that the device will look a Snapdragon 765 processor, 6.5 Hz 90-inch AMOLED screen with Full HD + resolution, 8 GB of RAM and a 4,300 mAh battery with 30W fast charge. For now, it’s time to wait for OnePlus to officially announce its new affordable device to know all the details.

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