the concept of the new Xiaomi mobile with all screen


Although on many occasions it has sinned from paying too much attention to its rivals when designing its devices, the truth is that Xiaomi took muscle last year with the presentation of the Mi Mix Alpha. Although its commercialization was planned, this terminal without frames and with curved screen it was never put up for sale. However, the firm is behind more developments that could soon see the light, such as the mobile that we show you below.

Xiaomi’s Mi Mix series has always been the test bench of the Chinese company, to be able to test new technologies and boast of futuristic designs. Recall that the first Mi Mix was ahead of its time with the finest frames of its generation and was released back in 2016. After the Mi Mix 2, 2s and Mi Mix 3, we are still waiting for Xiaomi to jump into the new generation.

my mix alpha pro concept

Without frames and two screens

Now it has been the LetsGoDigital medium, which has once again seized some Xiaomi patents, to create 3D designs and a video that shows what could be both the evolution of the Mi Mix Alpha, and the expected Mi Mix 4. This terminal, has a double screen and a rear camera called “AI Super Zoom ”108 megapixels.

my mix alpha pro 01

Could it be the Mi Mix 4?

The images that accompanied the patent showed two designs of the same model. The first of them features a black casing, while there is also a transparent variant. The description of this camera, which is one of the most striking aspects of this device, indicates that the Camera system contains a large lens that can be zoomed in and out. The creator of the renders based on Xiaomi’s patent has baptized the device as Mi Mix Alpha Pro, but as we say, it could be as much of a terminal that never gets to see the light, as of the Mi Mix 4 that the fan community so much expects from Xiaomi.

Another curiosity of this mobile is that the screen surrounds both faces, so it also has the feeling of an all-screen. In addition, the back features a second screen that covers approximately 60% Of the device. It is also appreciated how this device does not have a front camera in a hole or pop-up, so once again we are facing one of the terminals that will hide it under the screen, something that undoubtedly happens to be the future of the industry.

Written by David Girao

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