The cornerstone of Industry 4.0 –

The cornerstone of Industry 4.0 – what experts are now advising companies to do

Increasing productivity, improving production and manufacturing processes, optimizing product quality – with the right digitization strategy, companies are getting fit for Industry 4.0. Which strategic course must be set for this, which tracks also run into nowhere, which distinguishes German companies, which are already on the right track and which hardware is actually necessary – this is revealed by three qualified experts in the podcast series “Pillars of Industry 4.0 – practical digitization ”.

Conventional automation is often too heterogeneous and too complex – and has clear limits when you use traditional means. It’s time for a new approach: we automate automation. By automating tools & tools that enable automation. In this podcast you will learn the basic principles.

These experts know: Industry 4.0 is more than just an automated factory and its production processes. Rather, manufacturing, logistics and energy must be integrated into an overall concept, as must all network processes and even the suppliers.

It is only in this entirety that a German carmaker, for example, manages to subject a thousand vehicles to fully automated quality control every day – instead of just one car per manual inspection.

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What awaits you in the podcast:

Episode 1: Industry 4.0 in German factories: Status quo

Dieter Hoffend, Director Sales Industry 4.0. at Intel, knows that one of the biggest challenges is getting the existing machinery ready for the digital age. Companies simply cannot afford to build a completely new factory from the ground, so to speak, overnight. In episode I, the Intel expert therefore shows ways in which industry can nevertheless successfully lay the foundations of Industry 4.0.

Episode 2: Industry 4.0: What distinguishes successful companies

thyssenkrupp Materials Schweiz AG or Audi – Florian Ranner, Account Director at Intel, knows many leading companies from practice. In the second podcast episode, the industry specialist tells which Industry 4.0 strategies these companies have already implemented. He reports on the massive cost reductions and efficiency increases these companies have achieved and how they have now managed to market a specially developed software platform in a spin-off.

Episode 3: Industrial PCs – the heart of Industry 4.0

Hardware – is often underestimated in digitization in factories. However, Intel industrial technology specialist Frank Kuypers knows that the heart of Industry 4.0 beats in hardware. He reports on a platform that can be used to control complete processes even from a distance of thousands of kilometers. And how companies can use this solution to avoid machine downtimes and significantly reduce their maintenance costs. In addition, he shows how quickly the return on investment occurs due to the increased performance of the factories.

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