The creator of the Google camera app works on an app for Adobe

Photography has changed a lot since its invention in the last century, but in recent years we have seen a huge leap as we have gone from depending on hardware to improving photography through computing.

Thanks to computer photography, phones such as the Google Pixel have stood out greatly against rivals who, on paper, had better specifications and had to take better photos.

One of the architects of this reality is Marc Levoy, a reputable engineer who worked for Google for the past few years. A few weeks ago we told you that he had left the company and today the news arises that he is working on a universal camera app … for Adobe.

Adobe prepares a new mobile camera app

Google's camera creator works on a camera app for Adobe

Adobe Lightroom for mobile

The design and photography giant has announced that the engineer is currently working for them. The company is developing a universal camera app that, in theory, we should be able to test on Android phones in a while.

Taking into account that Levoy has been responsible for the teams that have developed technologies such as HDR +, Night Sight, or single-lens portrait modeWe expect little from this new application.

Currently we do not know if this camera application will be a program that we can install on our mobiles or rather a system that will be licensed to companies that use camera interfaces and their applications to take them to a new level.

In addition to that new camera application, the engineer will collaborate with the developments of Photoshop Camera, Adobe Research and Sensei AI teams.

Although there is still time for us to test the developments for which Mark Levoy is responsible, there are already those who think that they will not be available in free or paid applications since Adobe has long opted for the subscription model in many of its programs .

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