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The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope, the second standalone entry in The Dark Pictures Anthology, will be released on October 30th, announced publisher Bandai Namco today. Similar to the first episode, Little Hope lands on the usual Trifecta of PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The survival horror game was originally scheduled to launch this summer. As has been the history of so many publishers, the coronavirus derailed Bandai Namco’s plans and forced the publication date to be postponed to Halloween. Given the subject matter, the news couldn’t be more appropriate.

A new trailer is making the rounds to mark the announcement, offering a sneak peek into the eerie title town of Little Hope as the game unfolds. Similar to the first anthology of The Dark Picture: Man of Medan, you play as a character group. Each decision affects how the characters, their interpersonal relationships, and the overarching narrative develop as the story progresses. With multiple endings and a variety of paths, each playthrough can be vastly different.

Until dawn, Developer Supermassive Games describes what to expect:

“Trapped in a mysterious fog in the abandoned town of Little Hope, four college students and their professor desperately seek an escape route as visions of the city’s gruesome and sinister past haunt them from the shadows. To stay alive, they must Uncover secrets behind these dark apparitions before evil forces drag their souls to Hell!

Each new game in The Dark Pictures Anthology features a new cinematic horror experience that can be played in single and multiplayer modes, including Shared Story that can be played online with a friend and Movie Night mode that can play up to 5 players can play offline and together.

Experience terrifying visions of the past haunted by the events of the 17th century Andover Witch Trials.

Escape the nightmarish apparitions that relentlessly haunt your cast.

Play online with a friend or up to 5 friends offline, share your story and work together wisely to save your cast. “

Editions and pre-orders

The Dark Picture Anthology: Little Hope comes in three editions – a Standard Edition, a Limited Edition and a Collector’s Edition.

Limited to participating retailers only (the name suggests), the limited edition includes The Dark Pictures: Little Hope anthology, The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan anthology, a world cloth map from The Dark Picture Anthology, and a four-CD case steel book and two collectable card pins.

As a standalone game, Little Hope does not require a play through of Man of Medan. However, if you’re tempted, the limited edition is a perfect, bundled, and affordable way to experience both games.

The Collector’s Edition contains the game itself in addition to a collector’s box, a world cloth map from The Dark Picture Anthology, two trading card pens, a steel bookshelf with four discs and a 15 cm replica of Mary’s rag doll.

If you pre-order one of the three editions, you will have early access to The Curator’s Cut. In addition to the movie, the cut also contains new scenes and various playable characters with new options and results.

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