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The electric car of the future comes from Poland

The electric car of the future comes from Poland

A light electric vehicle developed and manufactured in Poland is attracting attention in the industry: a variable track width should make the “Triggo” an everyday wonder in the city.


Triggo: small vehicle with parking space advantage

When the Triggo accelerates up to 90 km / h, it measures 148 cm in width and is said to ensure sufficient driving stability. At slower speeds, the small electric vehicle can literally contract and is then only 86 cm narrow – making it ideal for traffic jams and small parking spaces. This should give the vehicle that is being developed in Poland a competitive advantage.

According to their own statements, the makers of the Triggo, which is a light vehicle with a maximum weight of 400 kg, want to target self-driving taxi services in the future, especially the market for car sharing offers. The vehicle should go into series production as early as next year.

In the video you can see how the Triggo can meander through traffic jams and squeeze into parking spaces:

The trigo still has an ace up its sleeve

The variable track width is not the only feature that makes the Triggo particularly practical in everyday life: According to the manufacturer, the 8 kWh battery with which the vehicle should travel around 100 kilometers can be replaced in just a few simple steps. The Triggo itself therefore never has to go to the charging station.

The 2.6 meter long “1 + 1” seater is powered by two electric motors with 10 kilowatts each. However, the classification as a light vehicle limits the system performance to 15 kilowatts. The manufacturer specifies 90 km / h as the maximum speed. If you drive in the front wheels in city traffic, it is 25 km / h.

The developers also rely on modern technology for the steering: the steering wheel works digitally and is thus prepared for autonomous driving. At Triggo you can keep that in mind: The vehicles are already able to drive close behind each other – only a driver has to sit in the first vehicle. The so-called “platooning”, with which several vehicles can be collected, is also a prerequisite for using the trigger as a sharing vehicle.

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