the electrocardiogram begins to arrive

This week Samsung celebrated its Unpacked, where it left us with various new products. One of the products that the Korean giant presented was its new watch, the Galaxy Watch 3, which arrives in Spain this month, as announced by the brand itself. In the presentation of the watch it was mentioned that the brand worked in incorporating the ECG (Electrocardiogram) function on this watch and on the Galaxy Watch Active 2.

Samsung confirmed that it was going to be in South Korea where it would be launched first this function, since the country has finally given permission for it to be introduced in watches. The Galaxy Watch Active 2 thus becomes the first to start updating to incorporate it.

ECG for Galaxy Watch Active 2

Galaxy Watch Active 2

Samsung had plans to introduce electrocardiogram and fall detection functions months ago, at the beginning of this year, although this update would not arrive. It has taken several months for the company to obtain the necessary permits, so that these functions make their entrance into the Galaxy Watch Active 2, at least in South Korea.

In order to use this function, users are asked to install the Samsung Health Monitor app on the watch and on the phone associated with it. Thanks to it, the electrocardiogram can be used in this watch of the brand. When the watch measures heart rate, if it is higher than normal, the user will be informed of it. The idea is that the user is aware of possible irregularities, although it should not be considered a treatment or prevention tool.

In addition to the Galaxy Watch Active 2, also the recently introduced Galaxy Watch 3 you will have access to this function. Surely in your case it is also the first in South Korea where it is launched. In this week’s Unpacked the brand confirmed that in the United States it would be activated soon and work is being done to have it worldwide soon, although there are no dates.

Galaxy Watch Active 2

We will have to wait a bit until this electrocardiogram function reaches EuropeBoth in the Galaxy Watch 3 and in this Galaxy Watch Active 2. Samsung plans to roll out the function worldwide, but they will have to first obtain the corresponding permissions that make it possible.

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