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The end of physical events?

The end of physical events?

One of the first victims of COVID-19 was the 2020 Mobile World Congress. At a time when we still had no record of the impact that the pandemic could have that this year will be hardly forgotten.

Technology fairs have had to reinvent themselves, exploring new formats such as the one decided by the IFA, with limited capacity and closed to the general public, while the big technology companies have opted for virtual events.

Looking ahead to 2021, CES Las Vegas has already confirmed that its next event will be completely virtual as it is unable to ensure a safe environment for attendees. And what will happen to the Mobile World Congress?

The Mobile World Congress continues, but cautiously

Despite the fact that the organization guaranteed that the largest fair dedicated to mobile technology would return in 2021 in the face of multiple doubts about the end of these types of events, which, although they continue to have great importance, their effectiveness is often questioned in the face of the boom in online events.

At TechRadar they have contacted the GSMA, the organization that runs the Mobile World Congress to find out the future of the event. It may seem that 2021 is far away, but surely the organization has been studying what they will do next year since the 2020 event was canceled.

A company spokesperson has confirmed that “We are working to ensure that Mobile World Congress 2021 is an event that no one can miss. We are constantly monitoring the situation as we did in 2020, including advice from health and safety experts. ”

The GSMA team is working with the Fira and other partners to ensure a safe environment for the event. They also indicate that the situation experienced in 2020 has made it more flexible in the face of possible adversities.

Regarding this, the organization plans to give much greater prominence to virtual events so that those who cannot attend the MWC can have access to all the news.

Similarly, the organization defends the physical format with «2 million meetings, deals valued in the millions and valuable social interaction that creates ties in the industry »So we will have to wait to see what happens.

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