The End of Umbrella Academy: Season 2 Explained

So you’ve reached the end of the Timey-wimey-time-travel-and-superhero-series Umbrella Academy: Season 2 and are not exactly sure what exactly is there – and when! – and how! – and who? – has happened? Well, don’t worry, I’ll explain as best I can. And if you have not reached the end, leave this place quickly and quietly.

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Umbrella Academy Season 2: There's a reason you could end up grabbing your head in confusion.
Umbrella Academy Season 2: There’s a reason you could end up grabbing your head in confusion.

Umbrella Academy went on July 31 into the second round Netflix, and that with the save-the-world time leap that ended season 1. The second season begins 59 years in the past, namely in 1960, when Klaus and Ben landed as the first in the past: Bad luck, because the other Umbrella siblings will only be spat out bit by bit in Dallas in the next few years. And then – then the 2nd season begins really.

But you’ve seen it all before, right?

Right, and I would also advise you to read the following paragraphs only after you have actually dissected all of the episodes. Also, before we start, there might be a reason you’re after the Season 2 finale a little bit confused.

The reason you might be here

Umbrella Academy: Season 2 appeared a little over a year after the release of Season 1; which is not a long time to produce a full season – but a long time to memorize various details. Well, let’s be honest: Have you watched the entire first season again, or are you on one of the official recap videos dodged that Netflix offered before the start of the new season?

Ay, I did that too. And although both versions (one long and one short) are highly recommended, even that won’t work for a long time all Details one, about that Reginald Hargreeves an alien is. Ah! And even if you could still remember everything – the end of season 2 still has its own time travel bubbling surprises. So let’s take a close look at it.

Who is Reginald Hargreeves?

Daddy Hargreeves is probably out of this world, as we learned in season 1.
Papa Hargreeves is out of this world, as we learned in season 1.

Do you remember that first scene of the last episode of Umbrella Academy: Season 1? I didn’t have it when I saw season two – but you guys were probably smarter. Still, that scene – as strange as it is – can easily be forgotten about the confetti-throwing apocalypse ending in Season 1: Here we see Reginald Hargreeves in a completely different time, at a bizarre and certainly alien planet. Alien spaceships rise from this apocalyptic world and he opens a jar in his hand, releasing several … uh … glittering glowing things that fly away.

While it was never officially mentioned on the series, fans generally assume that Hargreeves is an alien – and those with the glow worm things 46 babies magic in the bellies of the mothers, of whom he later adopted seven. Yup, he is BUT your alien dad, so to speak. In a weird firefly way.

Well, back to the future: In Season 2 we see another hint at Reginald’s alien existencenamely, when he takes off his face as well as his human suit and the Secret organization Majestic 12 eats up – which is suggested by a nice meaty sound. The comic for the series also mentions literally that he is an alien.

By the way: you can official comic for the series from Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá buy on Amazon:

The Umbrella Academy 1: Doomsday Suite

The Umbrella Academy 1: Doomsday Suite

Who is Lila and what can she do?

What the comics can’t give you is Purple Pitts. The figure of the crazy More-or-less-girlfriend of Diego comes only in the series which is why you can’t rely 100 percent on the information from the comic books: Netflix ‘Umbrella Academy goes its own way to some extent, and with regard to Lila, that may not be so bad at all.

But who is Lila? Where does she come from? And why is she suddenly able to copy all of the powers of the umbrella heroes? In the second season it is shown in several scenes that Lila originally comes from a fairly normal family, that of Number 5 was killed. As far as we know, number 5 was just doing his job: The job came secretly from the Headthat Lila wanted to adopt this way.

The reason for this is obvious: the leader wanted the Take possession of Lila’s powerswhat they im Season 2 finale at least it did. But why can Lila do that? somehow everything, and what exactly can it do? Even if not finally confirmed, the fans as well as the members of the Umbrella Academy assume that Lila is also one of the 46 people who were suddenly born in a strange way and without fertilization. That would explain their powers too.

If you look closely, they work Lila’s powers besides, not just like a mirror – as is sometimes claimed. She can use her opponent’s skills in front of them, before she has anything that could be mirrored. In a official description of Netflix on Instagram is Lila’s character as chameleon describes what fits much better anyway: She imitates her surroundings, whether as a mentally ill patient in psychiatry or as a fighter against the Umbrella Academy.

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What does the end of Umbrella Academy: Season 2 mean?

Come on, let’s get into that last episode of Umbrella Academy: Season 2 immerse – the finale of the season: The Umbrella siblings are public for John. F. blamed Kennedy’s death, but Vanya has other worries: she senses something with Sissy’s child Harlan not true, which is why she and the others go to the farm to help him. Vanya had her strength in an accident Accidentally delivered to Harlan, but before she can help him, she takes action Head with an army of time-traveling assassins.

They fight, but lose at the last second as the leader finally surprises them and shoots them one by one – including Lila, who had almost joined the Umbrella siblings before. It is Number 5who comes up with the saving idea: he can do it in a few seconds to jump into the past and take out the chief before she fires her gun. Happy end?

More or less, because Purple disappears shortly afterwards with a time travel suitcase and as the members of the Umbrella Academy also with another suitcase back to 2019 jump, greets you there the one before (actually) finally late Ben. He who looks completely different, lives (!) And gathers several people behind him who remain in the shadows.

Obviously there will be one here third season teasedjust as we cannot say with absolute certainty where the Umbrella heroes ended up. It is that Year 2019, but is it a parallel universe? Or have you changed the past in such a way that only another future is possible? As Forbes reports, showrunner Steve Blackman has already given a hint about season 3: It is a “good guess” that the shadowy character behind Ben from the comic strip “Hotel Oblivion”.

If that’s true, these are actually not evil versions of Klaus, Vanya and Co. in a parallel universe, but rather new characters. New members of the Umbrella Academy, or rather. And the reason? Again, that’s a theory, but we shouldn’t forget that Hargreeves was informed about everything by his time-jumping adopted children long before their actual adoption.

Yep, I mean this scene: Here the Umbrella siblings Hargreeves declare that they will be adopted by him in the future. He's not thrilled.
Yep, I mean this scene: Here the Umbrella siblings Hargreeves declare that they will be adopted by him in the future. He’s not thrilled.

What if Reginald has decided against itto adopt these six people later? What if he chose not to name his academy Umbrella Academy; after all, did he know he would do that? This is also supported by the fact that he was the only one who couldn’t see Ben here – and adopted him after all, because he didn’t even know that he had done it before (in the reality of the first season).

The fact is that Netflix ‘Umbrella Academy one way or another will differ from the comics. So it is Not sure to what extent Hotel Oblivion will even appear in the story of the third season. Oh! And I want to show you something else: In this nice one Umbrella Academy Teaser Image: Season 2 can you in Ben’s glasses may already see some members of the Sparrow Academy:

Admittedly, there is not much to see, and at least three of the younger versions of the Umbrella siblings could be meant.
Admittedly, there isn’t much to see, and at least three of the young versions of the Umbrella siblings could be meant.

How things will go with Umbrella Academy, we will – you guessed it! – experienced in season 3. There is also supposed to be purple there, by the way, and if we’re lucky, we’ll also learn more about Harlan’s fate: Both figures left open ends that I’d like to see sewn up.

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