The eufy Indoor Cam cameras are updated to be compatible with HomeKit

eufy cameras homekit

In the market we have at our disposal a large number of security cameras, security cameras that it offers us independently, a subscription plan if we want to store the recordings it makes in the cloud, plans that since the launch of HomeKit Secure Video they have stopped making sense.

HomeKit Secure Video allows users to store the images of these security cameras on Apple’s servers completely free of charge as long as they have a contracted storage plan equal to or greater than 200 GB. The latest camera that has been updated to support this feature in the eufy Indoor Cam 2K and Indoor Cam 2k Pan from the manufacturer Anker.

The latest firmware available for the Anker eufy Indoor Cam 2k and Indoor Cam 2 Pan camera adds support not only for HomeKit but also for HomeKit Secure Video. This update occurs one month after the release of both affordable models for interiors to the market.

The Pan variant of the Indoor Cam 2k allows us to move the camera through the corresponding application to focus attention on different points. Both models have a slot to use microSD cards to store your videos and offer 2K video resolution, as its name indicates.

The firmware update that supports HomeKit is #, an update that is available through the eufy app. Once the firmware of the cameras has been updated, we can add it to HomeKit and save the recordings for 10 days completely free of charge for a camera if we have 200 GB of storage.

If we want to create videos for up to 5 cameras, the storage space must be 2 TB, maximum storage space that Apple currently offers to all users of its products.

Although at the moment these cameras are not available in Spain (they should not take long to arrive), in the United States it is priced at $ 40 and $ 50 respectively, more than affordable prices for anyone who wants to add a video surveillance system in their homes for little money.

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