the firmware can cause problems

When an update arrives on our mobile phone, it is usually a source of joy. Perhaps we have new functions, perhaps more security or, at worst, the mobile will simply be more polished even if we do not see appreciable changes in the short term.

What we do not usually expect is that due to an error, an update may give us problems. It is what is happening to the owners of the Xiaomi Mi A3.

A Mexican firmware of the Xiaomi Mi A3 is sent globally

Do not update the Xiaomi Mi A3: the firmware may give problems

Apparently a Xiaomi error has caused the firmware for the units of the Mexican operator Telcel have been sent to models from other countries what is causing problems.

If you have a Xiaomi Mi A3 and you get a firmware with a version number V11.0.3.0.QFQMXT and with a weight of 1.4 GB, the best thing you can do is not install it.

In addition to changing the startup animation and pre-installing the My Telcel and Claro Musica applications, the new software disable dualSIM function. Even some users They are indicating that their mobiles are not able to recognize their SIM card and cannot make calls.

Do not update the Xiaomi Mi A3: the firmware may give problems

The global version has the nomenclature QFQMIXM while the Mexican has QFQMXTC. The company urges users not to update their mobiles but for the moment it has not given a solution to those who have done it without knowing that it was a mistake.

We have contacted Xiaomi Spain to find out if this update has also been sent to Xiaomi Mi A3 users in our country. It seems that this mobile does not just leave the problems aside.

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