The first Android phone is just around the corner – that's what awaits us

Image source: Microsoft

It took almost a year, but now the Surface Duo should finally have a fixed date. With the appointment, the special cell phone from Microsoft should be in direct competition with the Galaxy Z Fold 2 from Samsung. It remains uncertain whether the cell phone will come to Germany at all.


Microsoft Surface Duo: market launch in late August?

After a long wait, the possible date for the Microsoft Android phone to come onto the market is condensing. According to the latest information, it should be the end of August 2020, more precisely in the 35th calendar week of the year, which is between August 24 and 30. This would make the cell phone available only a few weeks after the Galaxy Z Fold 2, as Samsung’s foldable cell phone should be launched in early August.

In August, customers can choose which folding phone they want to choose. In terms of equipment, the Samsung smartphone should clearly have the edge, but perhaps the Surface Duo can convince with a lower price. Microsoft will apparently rely on older hardware that was already part of the first presentation in autumn 2019. Production should already have started, which means that the equipment has now been determined. It is uncertain whether the cell phone will make it to Germany at the beginning or at all.

Microsoft employees already own a Surface Duo, as this collage from shows:

Microsoft Surface Duo: mobile phone with double display

The highlight of the Android mobile phone from Microsoft is clearly the screen. Two AMOLED displays are used, which are interrupted by a hinge. The resolution is 1,800 x 1,350 pixels, in the diagonal both screens come to 5.6 inches. Android 10 is included as an operating system and should “be updated” to Android 11 – as soon as the new version is available.

There is more about the Surface Duo in the video:

The processor is based on the Snapdragon 855, which is supported by at least 6 GB of RAM in the basic configuration. In terms of permanent storage, customers should be able to choose between 64 GB and 256 GB. However, a faster Snapdragon 865 or even the further development Snapdragon 865+ must be avoided.

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