The first mobiles with the ONCE accessibility seal

One of the key features of mobile devices is usually in the software, which allows us to do much more. Beyond applications and what we can do with them, accessibility is an aspect that large manufacturers take into account.

Technology, above all, must be as inclusive as possible. This means that any human being can benefit from all that he is able to offer and make his life better. And it seems that Samsung has achieved a new milestone in this regard.

Samsung mobiles get an accessibility seal from ONCE

The ONCE (Spanish National Organization for the Blind) is one of the non-profit organizations that makes the greatest effort in Spain to help the inclusion of people with disabilities. This organization has created a new quality seal, which guarantees that a smartphone cIt has the accessibility tools necessary to offer an inclusive use experience.

According to Jesús Hernández, director of Universal Accessibility and Innovation of Fundación ONCE, this seal “It responds to the requirement of numerous administrations that claim to know if the technology purchases they make are responsible or not.”

And which have been the first mobiles to receive this quality seal? Well, Samsung’s high-end, including the Galaxy Note 10 (and Note 10+) and Galaxy S20 (in addition to S20 + and S20 Ultra) as recommended options.

Regarding the Galaxy S20, these are notable for offering accessibility features for people with null and partial vision, null and partial hearing, moderate and severe difficulties in manipulation, difficulty in seeing colors and difficulty in speaking. Users even have the option to activate some functions when they turn on the terminal for the first time, including the screen reader.

The Note 10, on the other hand, has accessibility features for people with null vision, partial vision, null hearing, partial hearing, moderate difficulty in manipulation, severe difficulty in manipulation, color blindness and speech difficulty.

The ONCE idea of ​​offering an accessibility seal seems excellent to us, and we hope that little by little they will include more mobiles of various brands and ranges so that those who need it can access more options that offer all the guarantees.

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