The first set sail with new episodes "Crazy About the Sea"

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Lift anchor, cast off: under the motto “Discover the world from the water”, two captains take their passengers on adventurous cruises in miniature format.

They drive the routes that are impassable for the cruise giants: Captain Vladimir Vorobyov and Captain Igor Gabler steer their small ships to different corners of the world, including Antarctica, Canada and South America. The special thing about it: only 400 people are allowed on board. In a downright familiar atmosphere, cruise newbies meet regular guests and experience adventurous journeys at sea. From September 23, the first will show a total of 44 new episodes of “Crazy About the Sea” every Monday to Friday at 4.10 p.m.

The passengers and spectators not only travel to well-known dream destinations, but also get to places that are not yet fully developed for tourism. The documentary series is not scripted and so things go their way on board. The experiences on site are recorded with classic documentary means. The documentary series not only gives an insight into the coexistence of the passengers, but also into the complex everyday work of the ship’s crews, which consist of 30 nations – and the interaction between crew and passengers.

A few celebrities have mingled with the travelers: Ralph Morgenstern is on board with his daughter Jadwiga, Walter Plathe and TV chefs Martin Baudrexel and Nils Egtermeyer. They are quickly accepted into the cruise family.

Where the journey is going

Route 1 – Caribbean intensive:
La Romana – Spanish Town / Virgin Gorda – Gustavia / St. Barths – St. Johns / Antigua – Point a Pitre / Guadeloupe – Maria Galante / Guadeloupe – Cabrits / Dominica – Castries / St.Lucia – Fort de France / Martinique

Route 2 – Great Lakes:
Montreal – Kingston – Welland Canal and Niagara Falls – Cleveland – Detroit – Mackinac Island – Milwaukee – Chicago – Traverse City – Alpena – Windsor – Toronto – Montreal

Route 3 – Brazilian Potpourri:
Fortaleza – Recife – Maceio – Salvador de Bahia – Rio de Janeiro – Paranagua – Itajai – Buenos Aires

Route 4 – Fascination Antarctica:
Ushuaia – Drake Passage – Arctowski / King George Island – Half Moon Island – Paradise / Danco Island – Drake Passage – Ushuaia

Route 5 – From Canada to Havana:
Montreal – Quebec – Cap aux Meules – Sydney – Halifax – Hamilton / Bermuda – Nassau / Bahamas – Havana / Cuba – Maria la Gorda / Cuba

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