The "forbidden" Mac video is online again

If you own this Mac, you are obliged to keep your mouth shut towards Apple by means of NDA (non-disclosure agreement) – no pictures, benchmarks or videos of it may come to the public. But now it has happened and Apple should be really pissed off.

Mac Mini (2018)

The “Developer Transition Kit (DTK)” from Apple is actually a Mac Mini with an iPad processor – intended as an aid for software developers to accompany Apple’s chip change on the Mac accordingly. If you use this very special Mac from the iPhone manufacturer, you agree to the rules. Means: Everything stays under lock and key. Theoretically, because the promise didn’t last long.

Apple’s DTK in unboxing: Forbidden video shows first ARM Mac

Shortly after the DTKs were delivered, the first benchmark results were found online – we reported. But that’s not all: the creators of the well-known website “AppleInsider” even published an unboxing video of it – forbidden. Various developers criticized this approach, since it would encourage Apple to tighten the bonds of the developers even more in the future. The film then disappeared. Now, however, the “forbidden” Mac video reappears and can currently be admired as a copy on YouTube. Uploaded by an unknown channel that has not yet appeared.

Apple should be angry with this, but once the cat is out of the bag, it is reluctant to put it back in. In this respect, it was to be expected that the video would appear again.

Why Apple is now giving Intel a basket – the explanation in the video:

What is still missing: the teardown

But there is not much to see: hold a box with some paper, a power cable and the benchmarks already mentioned. What you have not dared to do before is to unscrew the computer and do a real teardown. But somehow we believe that this one is not too long in coming. In the meantime, the superiors can get some sedative tablets from Apple.

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