The free PS4 and PC game Brawlhalla now available for iOS


Fornite, Call of Duty: Warzone, Paladins … are some of the free titles available for both PC and console, games that make up a series of in-app purchases that only affect the character’s aesthetics, not his abilities. Leaving the battle royale genre, we also find other free titles just as interesting.

We are talking about Brawlhalla, a Ubisoft multiplayer platform title that just landed on the App Store, and like the versions for PC and console, it is available for download completely free and offers us in-app purchases that only modify the appearance of the character.

Brawlhalla is a free platform combat game with over 40 million players. This title allows us to enjoy online games of up to 8 players on all the platforms on which it is available, so there is no excuse for not playing with our friends, regardless of the platform they use.


What Brawlhalla offers us

  • Competitive Online 1vs1 and 2vs 2 Mode – Climb from Tin to Platinum. Fight enemies alone or team up with your friends. The game pairs you with players of the same level.
  • All-in-all 4-player modes – Quick matches where 4 players fight and only one can win (as in Immortals).
  • Crossplay – Invite up to 8 of your friends from all platforms to custom games: 4vs4, 1vs3, 2vs2, all against all …
  • Different game modes: Brawlball, Bombsketball, Capture the Flag, Kung-Foot and many more party game modes.
  • Training Room – Room where we can practice the skills of each of the characters in order to control the hitboxes, hurtboxes … and be the best in each battle.


If you have already enjo
yed this title on console or PC, you will see how the version for iOS (also available for Android), it’s the same version, with hardly any differences.

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