The future of mobiles is this Huawei patent

Despite everything, Huawei’s R&D teams continue to work towards the future of the mobile industry, a future that, according to them, starts with something we all expected!

They have not stopped grow dwarfs to Huawei in recent times, and is that the Trumpazo it was not the only blow but rather the beginning of the end of an ambitious plan to dominate the industry already in this same course 2020.

They have put many stones in the way, HarmonyOS is not ready yet and its Huawei Mobile Services are still starting to walk, but the Chinese giant seems determined to continue in the mobile market, a strategic and key sector for any electronics manufacturer.

Huawei P40 Pro Plus, presentation

Innovation is not negotiated in a Huawei that already plays without Google

And so, Huawei continues and will continue to present smartphones and reaping undisputed success in China, while its engineers continue to work on innovations and improvements to reach the future before anyone else of the industry.

The next one is in fact already patented after Vivo showed us a concept last year, and it is that Huawei has registered the design of a fingerprint reader technology embedded under the display surface of a mobile phone, but not in a part of the screen but on the whole screen full.

The sketches have been presented to the different certifiers from China, Europe, the United States, Japan, South Korea and India, describing not only the biometric reader under the entire screen but also its operation and some ideas for use.

Huawei presents us with the improvement that we all expected, and finally anticipates that its future mobiles will be able to read your fingerprint and unlock or pay with it from anywhere on the screen

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Huawei fingerprint reader patent

At last the whole screen would be a fingerprint reader

What is a fingerprint reader for on the entire surface of your mobile screen?

The Chinese giant is still awaiting approval of the technology developed, but it already indicates that it could be used to verify access to applications individually reading our finger while we press its icon, thus being able to close apps biometrically to unwanted views.

They also tell us that any shortcut placed on the lock screen, such as the one in the Messaging application, could be opened quickly to reply to an SMS without first having to unlock the mobile in a specific reader, because touching a widget or one notification would be enough to authenticate us.

Synaptics, a recognized firm in this of touch digitizers, had already told us that we would probably soon see a fingerprint reader on the entire surface of our touch screens, and that this would allow a continuous review and authentication status to make sure our fingers are handling a device and automatically lock out other unknown footprints.

Obviously this would imply a much higher energy consumption, so Huawei describes a configuration mode of “Custom areas to activate the sensor” keeping the rest of the screen inactive, thus saving energy and adapting to the needs of users.

We are told from Android Authority that Huawei has not yet responded about commercial availability of this technology, and although Vivo showed it to us with a prototype of his Apex mobile, the truth is that it seems that it is not too close. Be that as it may point to a must have in the future of mobiles, so we will have to be vigilant.

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