The future of the Search app in the new Apple operating systems

At WWDC Apple let us see the main news of its new operating systems: iOS and iPadOS 14, macOS Big Sur and watchOS 7. However, the big key to all this came later, when the first betas began to be released publicly . Many new features were not announced but were discovered a posteriori by beta testers. One of them falls on the application Search for. It is new because from now on, Apple will allow third-party products to be integrated into the Search app making use of Apple’s Find My network. How does this change the landscape for companies like Tile?

We can find third-party products with the Search app

Introducing a new program that will allow customers to locate their products using the power of the extensive Find My network. With hundreds of millions of Apple devices worldwide, advanced encryption of end to end and industry-leading security, users can locate their items within the Find My app with the peace of mind that their privacy is protected.

This advertisement allows third party companies integrate your devices under the Search app network from Apple. In other words, competing products will be able to use the extensive Find My network so that the user can search for them. This network is capable of sending signals even when the device does not have an Internet connection, using Bluetooth pulses between compatible devices. In this way, an iPhone disconnected from the network without an Internet connection is able to appear in the precise location thanks to the millions of Apple devices deployed around the world.

This allows companies like Tile They can incorporate their products under the Apple network. It is an interesting movement of those from Cupertino, who get rid of the monopoly sermon a bit allowing companies like this to join this network. Furthermore, it is an uninteresting movement close to launch of the AirTag, the tracking device the big apple is likely to launch in the coming months.

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