The Galaxy Note10, Note20, S10 and S20 will receive Android updates for three years

Samsung pledges to update its high-end mobiles for three years.

Good news for you if you were planning to buy one of the new Galaxy Note20 or Galaxy Note20 Ultra: Samsung has confirmed that both phones will receive operating system updates for three years, instead of two as usual until now.

So what indicate from XDA citing the company itself, which during the presentation event has ensured commit to updating their new phones for “three generations” since its launch.

In this way, the latest terminals of the Galaxy Note series they catch up with the Google Pixels in terms of support.

Galaxy Note20 Ultra

The Galaxy Note20 Ultra is the most cutting-edge model in the new Note20 series.

Three years of guaranteed updates for the Galaxy Note20

It is necessary to mention that the company has not explicitly named the Galaxy Note20 and Note20 when announcing this new support strategy. Therefore, the possibility that the new Galaxy Fold 2 and the Galaxy Tab S7 and S7 + suffer the same fate in that sense is not ruled out.

Be that as it may, we are happy to know that Samsung has finally decided to solve one of the biggest problems with their phones, mainly those whose prices have long since passed the four-figure barrier.

The company has long since become one of the first to release security patches, including its older phones, and extending the support period to three years seemed like the next logical step in this strategy.

Samsung updates for three years

Samsung agrees to release updates “for three generations.”

Therefore, we can expect that the Galaxy Note20, released today with Android 10 inside, end up getting updates up to Android 13.

We trust that Samsung decides to apply this measure also to the Galaxy S20 introduced earlier this year, so that their owners can also enjoy three updates to the operating system.

Now, it only remains to wait for more brands to decide to follow in Samsung’s footsteps and offer a growing support regarding updates.

Update: Galaxy S10 and S20 also benefit from this strategy

Minutes after publishing the original version of this article, Samsung has confirmed Jimmy Westenberg, Editor-in-Chief of Android Authority, than Galaxy S10, Note10 and S20 series models will also benefit from this new strategy, so that each and every one of the telephones of these families they will also receive three years of Android updates.

Thus, the Galaxy S10 and Note10, launched with Android 9 and updated to Android 10, will receive updates to Android 11 and Android 12. Meanwhile, the S20 and Note20 will be updated to Android 13.

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