The Galaxy Tab S7 and the Galaxy Watch 3 would arrive earlier than expected

Samsung announced yesterday the presentation date of the Galaxy Note 20, its next generation of high-end phones. In this digital event, which we can follow in Spain, it is expected that there will be more products apart from these devices. Two products expected to be seen in the same are the Galaxy Tab S7 and the new watch the Galaxy Watch 3.

Although new data indicates that these products would arrive sooner, since Samsung would make them official this month of July. The brand would not wait and this month the Galaxy Tab S7 and the Galaxy Watch 3 would be officially presented, without us having to wait for the Unpacked on August 5.

Presentation in July

According to the new data, Samsung would make these products official on July 22, at the moment it seems that only these two devices. We would not have to wait until August 5 to know everything about this Galaxy Tab S7 or the Galaxy Watch 3, which has already leaked its specifications these past few days. The brand would bet on making them official a couple of weeks before the celebration of their Unpacked.

It only talks about the Galaxy Tab S7, but presumably the S7 + will also be official in this date. On this tablet we already have a lot of data, because this morning its specifications were completely filtered, showing the full potential of it. Although many think that this tablet would be presented on August 5 with the Galaxy Note 20. Soon we should be sure.

It would be rare for Samsung not to wait until August 5 when they celebrate their Unpacked to present these Galaxy Watch 3 and Galaxy Tab S7 in the same. Therefore, we must take this leak as a rumor, which at the moment we do not know if it is really true. In any case, they promise to be a very busy few weeks for Samsung, which will leave us with many news in the coming weeks, in various areas.

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