The Galaxy Watch already have an application to wash your hands

In these days of crisis due to the coronavirus, one of the most important recommendations is to maintain good hygiene. In the few situations in which we have to go out at home it is not advisable to touch our faces, and when we return home the most important thing, first of all and without touching anything is to wash our hands.

It is advisable to wash our hands with some frequency and some applications and services are being updated to help us make it easier. Google Assistant is one of the best examples of being present on mobile phones, but watches with Wear OS also offered us the possibility. If you have a Samsung watch, from now on you can also have better control over when and how much you are washing your hands.

A timer to wash your hands, this application for the Galaxy Watch helps us

Samsung has created a new application for its smart watches that will help us to have the best follow-up when it comes to washing our hands. His name is as simple as Hand wash, and is available for watches with the Tizen operating system.

Hand Wash is a very complete application, since in a single package it includes a new clock face, control widgets, custom notifications and the timer function itself. The list of features is as follows.

  • New sphere to remind us to wash our hands.
  • Screen with information about the frequency with which we wash our hands.
  • Time since the last time we washed our hands.
  • Personalized reminders to wash our hands.
  • 25 second timer to wash our hands.

Hand Wash is a completely free app for Samsung watches, and although we have tested it on a Galaxy Watch, it should be compatible with previous generation Tizen watches such as the Samsung Gear S3.