Mario Kart Tour

The developers confirm that the next update that will come to the iOS game, Mario Kart Tour, will add one of the most popular options for users who play the fun Nintendo game. the option to play with the screen horizontally. This option will arrive in the next version of the game released by Nintendo, so it is not available for activation at the moment. The new version may be released in the next few hours.

This option will only be available in the races that we carry out with the game, we also have to take into account that the starting tutorials (those games that show us how to play when we download it) and the practices They do not allow this horizontal game mode.

If landscape mode is activated, the screen will maintain this orientation during races. Also, the screen will remain vertical (as it has been until now) if vertical mode is selected. On the other hand, when choosing the “vertical / horizontal” option, the game will change between these two modes during races depending on the orientation of your device.

For those who play from an iPad, the change may be important, and this horizontal mode is intended for iPhone players, although many would also prefer to be able to choose between this mode and the horizontal mode. Now with the arrival of the next version we can choose the game mode. When it is one year after the launch of this Mario Kart Tour for iOYes, there are new features in the game mode.