'The Ghost Writer' and 'Snoopy in Space' from Apple TV + get an Emmy

Apple TV + has content for all audiences, they also try to make the content of the platform the most family friendlythat is, content as “for all audiences” as possible. This is not bad, we have high quality content, and it is not something that only we say, it is also said by audiovisual critics. Thus, Apple just won two new Daytime Emmy Awards for the series ‘The Ghost Writer’ and ‘Snoopy in Space: The Secrets of Apollo 10 ″. After the jump we tell you more about this new achievement of the Cupertino boys.

The 47th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards Gala held virtually (like all the others we see in this new normal) last night from Sunday to Monday, a gala that highlights the character of audiovisual products on childhood, lifestyles, and animation. It is because of that ‘The Ghost Writer’ took the award for Outstanding vision of childhood and family, and ‘Snoopy in Space’ won the award for Mounting to a single camera. Quirky awards that highlight the good work of Apple, a company that was also nominated for 17 categories of which 8 were for ‘The Ghost Writer’.

A series, ‘The Ghost Writer ’, which is a remake of a 1990 original PBS series. In it they tell us the adventures of a group of children who discover a ghost in the bookstore in their neighborhood. ‘Snoopy in Space’ it has the subtitle of Secrets of Apollo 10, in it celebrate the 50th anniversary of man’s arrival on the moon. Disney took the vast majority of these Daytime Emmy Awards, but after Apple’s short existence (they won their first Emmy with ‘Carpool Karaoke’), these awards are a great achievement for the Cupertino company.

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