The glass case of the Google Pixel 4XL peels off. Why?


While the Google Pixel 5 does not reach the market, the Pixel 4 XL It is the best Google phone you can buy today. Unfortunately, despite offering an unmatched software experience, on the hardware level the phone has had a number of uncomfortable problems. The last one we have discovered on Reddit, where users complain that the Case the back of the mobile is “unmounting”.

There are already several users who have participated in the Reddit complaint threads and who have gone to the Google support forum to complain that their expensive phones are breaking. Specifically, the ruling is making an appearance in the Pixel 4 XL glass back panel that, as seen in these images shared by the affected clients, are taking off with the passage of time.

The glass that you saw on the phone’s back cover usually begins to peel off in the same area. the upper right corner of the back of the Google Pixel 4 XL. The adhesive used to keep the inside of the phone safe is detached and users cannot stick it back to the body of the device. because it doesn’t fit well.

It has reached the point that there are users who, in the last 10 months, due to the problem of glass detachment, have already received several replacement units and the problem does not stop disappearing. However there are also many others who do not appreciate any failure.

Is it the fault of the battery?

The problem is not that it is new because there are complaints from users who started appearing on forums for months. Apparently the cause seems to be a problem swelling of the battery, One of the classic failures that we mobile phone owners face: With use and heat, the battery swells and ends up pressing the back and front of the phones.

According to some users who have resorted to repair services authorized by Google, the origin of the whole problem could be due to the presence of some Bad battery connectors on the Pixel 4 XL which would be too weak, causing it to break without forcing the phone.

If you suffer this problem in your meats, the appropriate thing is that you contact Google to obtain a new replacement phone, although this solution has not been offered to all users, as the company has not officially recognized the problem.

Written by Miguel Martinez

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