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the glitch that turns your screen purple

the glitch that turns your screen purple


The OnePlus community and the first owners of the OnePlus Nord are not happy lately. Many have shouted in the sky, since the company has taken too long to offer a cheap mid-range smartphone, since until now the only options were the OnePlus 8, whose cost is far from the initial philosophy of the firm. To this we must add that the OnePlus Nord has not landed on the right foot and the problems were not long in coming.

A few days ago we showed you an endurance test, in which the OnePlus Nord suspended, with no possibility of recovery in September. In summary, the test revealed that the terminal it is made of very flimsy plastic that imitates metal, and that it will not resist the passage of time, falls or possible accidents as many of its rivals do.

oneplus nord folded

New OnePlus Nord bugs

But now, the OnePlus community forums and other specialized portals such as Reddit, which are being picked up by different media such as GizChina or 9To5Google, are warning of another problem, which affects the OnePlus Nord screen. Is about a bug that causes a “purple tint” to appear that tarnishes the experience.

The problem does not seem to be something isolated from a few models, but from the final production of the OnePlus Nord. As reported by users, this problem occurs when the brightness is set below 25%Which is when the screen turns into this purple / purple shade. It is something that already happened in its day with the OnePlus 8 Pro, so OnePlus had to update the device to modify the brightness settings.

An explanation that does not convince

The company has explained, without convincing, that these are the characteristics of the AMOLED screen; but that is not a problem in itself. However, no short-term solutions have been offered to avoid this problem, so we intuit that once again, a patch will be launched to solve it. For the moment there is no solution to this problem, rather than setting the screen brightness above the levels where it does not appear. This is especially uncomfortable at night, which is when users reduce brightness to avoid glare and save battery power. It must be remembered that, in addition to this failure, even in the official OnePlus forums, threads dedicated to the problems of this terminal are beginning to be created.

Written by David Girao

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