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The Gmail app is about to change completely

The Gmail app is about to change completely

Gmail is preparing a redesign that will make the email manager the “new home for work,” as leaked slides show.

Gmail It is one of the most used email managers in the world, so its users are used to receiving a series of improvements and news to offer a better user experience. After the arrival of dark mode and a new quick setup menu; the Gmail app is about to change completelyAt least that’s what a new leak suggests.

During the last weeks they have been offering themselves some details about the great redesign of Gmail for Android that incorporates Google Chat and Meet. If integration video calls It was already officially announced recently and is already being implemented, now a new leak has revealed that Gmail is about to change forever to become the “new home for work” by allowing the user to perform all tasks from the same screen. and / or application.

Gmail new design

Gmail is preparing a series of changes to its design.

Google Cloud has released a digital version of its Cloud Next ’20: On Air event It spans nine weeks and will feature a series of “Productivity and Collaboration” sessions, which will take place next week. However, the Twitter account @tahins He has found a series of slides on the new Gmail, which show that it will change its design and that it will be different from what we already know. Even one of these slides boldly states that “Your new home for work” is “right on Gmail”.

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The Gmail application will become the “new home for work”

In addition to the Meet integration, which is already available for some iOS users, Gmail will get a series of tabs in the bottom bar that correspond to Chat, where the user will be able to see both individual and group chats with profile avatars with activity and status indicators, and “Rooms”, which shows broader conversations for teams and work projects. Some “rooms” that are destined to compete with slack.

On the other hand, last month Google brought “Chat” to Gmail on the web for G Suite customers, and it was intended to replace classic Hangouts providing access to the messaging service and rooms. In the slides you can see that the redesign of Gmail is taking more momentum to “Put things together”, so that users can perform all tasks from the same screen or application, such as video calls, open a complete Google Docs file or edit documents.

Other slides show the upcoming Google Meet features, such as meeting attendance, blurred and personalized backgrounds for video calls, or questions and answers, among others. At the moment it only remains to wait a few more days to officially know all the changes and features that come with the new Gmail redesign, which continues to be one of the most used email managers in the world.

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