The Google Messages app is increasingly like a social network

Google Messages is one of the applications to send SMS more known among users on Android. In addition, the application has been updating with all kinds of functions, such as RCS messaging, also available in Spain. The current global situation, which forces many people to be away from their friends and family, forces them to resort to these apps to stay in touch.

Luckily, Google Messages has functions that allow you to be in contact with your friends and family in a quick and easy way. There are a total of five functions that we can use in the app on Android that contribute to better communication, as Google itself has.

Reactions to messages

The application allows us to send photos to our contacts, who now even allow us to add text. When we receive a photo or video of another person in a conversation in Google Messages, we will be able to send a reaction at the moment. Since thanks to its new function, available in chats, we can send animations and expressions, with which we can react to a message we have received on our account.

Just have to press and hold on the message and we will then find a series of reactions (smile, surprise, sadness …) that we can use to respond to those photos or videos that they send us.

Smart answers

This is a function that we know thanks to applications like Gmail, but that is also available in Google Messages. The application goes a little further, because this intelligent response function is going to also suggest sending certain stickersAs we are writing a message or reply to something that has been sent to us.

This measure saves time, since we don’t have to look for said sticker. The sticker will come out automatically as we are writing. Although for now it is a function available only in English, it is not known if it will also reach its Spanish version.

Customize your photos

Google messages has integrated a small photo editor in the app. Thanks to this editor we can personalize the photos that we want to share in our conversations with other people. We have already talked about the option of adding text to photos, but we can also draw on these photos before sending them in these conversations with our friends and family.

Voice messages

Voice messages They are a good way to stay in touch with your friends and family, since they are presented as a more personal and intimate form of communication. Also, they are a good option when you want to reply to something and not send a text. The application now makes it easier to send voice messages.

Google messages debuts a button dedicated to sending voice messages. Thanks to this button it will be easier for you to send a message, simply by clicking on that microphone button, saying what you want to say and then sending said message. A highly anticipated feature in the app.

Integration with Google Duo

Google Duo has been gaining enormous prominence these months, being the Google video call app, which has seen its use skyrocket and already allows video calls of up to 32 participants. Google Messaging now integrates with Duo, to make it easier to use these video calls on the phone.

Integrated button for video calls in the upper right part of the app, so that at the desired time, you will be able to make a video call with the person with whom you are sending messages at that time. It will not be necessary to exit the app and then open Duo for it, speeding up the process.

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