The Google Pixel 4a has an exclusive wallpaper with a curious function

Google has included an eye-catching animated wallpaper on the Pixel 4a that, sadly, you won’t see on your mobile (at least for now).

He Google Pixel 4a It is one of our favorite mobiles of this year 2020. And it is that even after having been able to test it thoroughly, the latest affordable terminal from Google keep hiding secrets, like a new exclusive animated wallpaper.

His name is “Eclipse”, and it is an animated wallpaper included by Google exclusively on the Pixel 4a, which is not present in any other model, not even in the Pixel 4.

Apart from his minimalist look, in accordance with the visual style that Google has us accustomed to, this wallpaper hides a curious function: he is able to show battery level As it increases, it decreases with the passing of the hours.

Pixel 4a Eclipse Wallpaper

This is the exclusive animated wallpaper of the Pixel 4a.

The wallpaper of the Pixel 4a indicating the battery level

The fund in question is part of the collection of wallpapers interactive animations that Google has been including in their mobiles for years.

This time, the background shows a blue to black color gradient –When using the clear theme of the system– or dark purple to black –When the dark theme is activated, in which the colored part represents the remaining battery level.

In this way, as the battery level drops, the black tone is taking over the surface of the screen until occupying the whole when the battery level is minimum. When the mobile passes through the charger, the colored part increases its size again until it occupies most of the screen.

On the Pixel 4, Google introduced a very similar wallpaper called “Horizon”, which also changed its appearance based on the remaining battery level. Even so, it is still striking that the brand’s most affordable terminal has exclusive add-ons that, at the moment, are not present in the more expensive models. Models who, by the way, have already “died” officially.

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