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The Google Pixel 5 will not have a fingerprint reader on the screen

The Google Pixel 5 will not have a fingerprint reader on the screen


In recent years, different manufacturers have been offering different security alternatives to the classic physical fingerprint reader. These have been giving way to fingerprint readers on the screen or facial recognition as an alternative to having additional security while having more space for the screen. Something Google Pixel 5 they will not offer either.

Google is preparing the fifth generation of its Pixel mobiles, phones that have become in recent years one of the top-of-the-range mobiles best valued by users, despite not having always been ahead in some facets. But this has ended up tiring the users, who have punished those of Mountain view with poor sales of the Google Pixel 4. Something that could happen again if we take into account the information we are getting to know over the weeks.

They will continue with a physical fingerprint reader

As we were saying, today any premium mid-range mobile or of course a top of the range has a fingerprint reader built into the screen. Or at least with some facial recognition system. These are already aspects assumed by 95% of manufacturers in some of their models, and logically it would be something to expect in the Google Pixel 5. But nothing is further from reality if we take into account the information that we have now learned from these terminals .

Google Pixel 5

Because according to the leaked information these phones will continue to have a fingerprint reader on the back, a traditional reader. Up to four Google phones are expected in the coming weeks or months, these would be the Google Pixel 4a, Pixel 5, 5 XL and the 5G variant of these. From the first one we could expect a fingerprint reader behind, since it is logical for a cheaper phone, but not for the Pixel 5 family. But reality tells us that according to the schemes that have been leaked now, it is confirmed that all they, the four models, will have a fingerprint reader on the back.

Pixel 5 XL case

Triple camera and little else

Something that of course the followers of the brand will not understand, and that they will hardly forgive. The Google Pixels have stood out a lot in recent years for their excellent cameras, for their pure Android software, and they have been forgiven for other aspects in which they lagged behind. But this year we will not only have less powerful Pixel phones, but they are not going to innovate in basic aspects that their opponents have long since surpassed. We do not know the rumor that Google has taken, but it seems that it is not the most successful in order to compete on equal terms with its opponents in an increasingly competitive market. Hopefully at least its triple camera on the chest do.

Written by Jorge Sanz

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