The Google Pixel Buds 2 will be updated to detect crying and barking

Many months after its presentation, Google has brought to Spain and other countries its latest smart headphones, the Google Pixel Buds 2. We have been able to test them for a week and the feeling they have given us has been quite positive. But the best thing is that these headphones will improve with time.

In the United States, where they have been on sale for the longest time, some users have detected various connection failures and errors and Google has already confirmed that it will launch an update in August to solve these problems. But, in addition to that, this update will have new software features, something that we are already used to in headphones like realme.

Sound detection: crying, barking …

The Google Pixel Buds 2 will be updated to detect crying and barking

The company has confirmed that in the update that will arrive in August we will see new functions. Previous leaks indicated that Google was working on the detection of certain sounds from your headphones, such as crying, a smoke detector that starts to beep, or a dog’s barking.

In this way, even if we have music on the Pixel Buds 2, the system itself will alert us that something is wrong.

Find my headphones

Another of the functions that are expected to arrive with the update next month is the detection of the headphones through the manager that Android has implemented and by which we can find our mobile if we lose it or it is stolen.

All these novelties will come from the hand of software corrections that will improve the connection of the headphones with the mobile and the reconnection when we get too far from it.

We do not know if this update will be released first in the United States and then in the other markets in which these headphones have been put on sale or if it will arrive simultaneously.

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