The Google Pixel series completely changes this year: there will be no XL models

Pixel 4a, Pixel 4a 5G and Pixel 5 will be the 3 Google phones for 2020, according to a recent leak.

The Google Pixel 4 XL may be the last of its kind: the portal 9to5Google has discovered in the code of one of the Google apps that the line of Pixel series smartphones would consist of three models in total: they would be the Pixel 4a, Pixel 4a (5G) and Pixel 5. No XL models.

Of them, it has been discovered that they would arrive based on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 730 platforms in the case of the Pixel 4a, and Snapdragon 765G in the case of the Pixel 4a (5G) and Pixel 5. If so, this would be the first generation of phones Pixel since its launch in 2016 to arrive formed by a single variant in terms of size.

Google Pixel 4 XL, front

The Pixel 4 XL would be the last in the XL series

There will be no Pixel 5 XL this year

The leak in question refers to the code names of two Google devices based on the Snapdragon 765G platform. They are “redfin” and “bramble”, two models that will land in the upper-middle range segment, and that according to the code of the Google search engine app, would arrive under the names of Google Pixel 4a 5G and Pixel 5 respectively, and not under the Pixel 5 and Pixel 5 XL titles as expected from the start.

Not know what will be the concrete differences between the Pixel 4a 5G and the Pixel 5, after all, we are talking about two terminals based on the same mobile platform. Most likely, the company has decided to keep certain features exclusive to the new-generation model, such as construction materials more premium or camera hardware improvements that would not be present in the 5G version of the Pixel 4a.

In this sense, the Pixel 4a that has been leaked so many times, but that never seems to arrive, would be the cheapest model of all the launched by Google this year. Today, yes, we still do not have a confirmed presentation date.

Taking into account the data known today, added to the fact that we already know the details about the first Android TV stick created by Google, and that the company itself has already shown us the first official images of its new Nest speaker in charge of succeeding Google Original home, everything points to The next Google hardware event will come especially loaded with news. Now, it only remains to know when it will be held.

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