"The! Heart! Beat! Show!" ProSieben has a difficult legacy today

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For the! Heart! Blow! Show! ”, ProSieben is ready to break with traditions like“ The Big Bang Theory ”. Whether the viewers are ready to change their viewing habits will be shown from today.

Your heartbeat decides whether you win or lose: Which celebrity can best control his pulse in the new game show? Starting today, July 13, six prominent candidates in the new Prosieben show series must master their heartbeat to win the challenges. Simon Gosejohann, Verona Pooth, Bürger Lars Dietrich and Jasmin Wagner are among them. Moderator Steven Gätjen is practically on the pulse of the celebrities for ProSieben.

Each episode presents two celebrity teams with special challenges: in nine game rounds, the celebrities must be able to control their pulse and must never lose sight of it. With the help of their heartbeat, for example, they should set the correct playback speed of a song. In addition, the celebrities have to try to synchronize their own plus with that of a team member. And how fast does the heart beat when spelling complicated terms backwards?

“The! Heart! Blow! Show! ”Runs in four episodes instead of the“ Big Bang Theory ” from July 13th every Monday at 8.15 p.m. on ProSieben and on Joyn. It remains to be hoped for ProSieben that the TV experiment does not end with a big bang.

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