"The Helene Fischer Show" before TV out?

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Actually, “The Helene Fischer Show” is part of the ZDF program every Christmas. But the hit show could be canceled this year.

Since 2011, Helene Fischer has always been featured on ZDF on “Die Helene Fischer Show” at 8:15 p.m. on Christmas Day. The pop singer performs together with other musicians and leads through the evening, which contains not only music but also elaborate acrobatic elements. And every year Helene Fischer gives the broadcaster dream ratings. But this year the show could be canceled due to the corona pandemic.

Due to the strict distance rules and regulations, show elements such as artistic and dance interludes could not be part of the show as usual. That would change the character of the program too far, reports “Bild”, citing an insider. The fans and Helene Fischer himself would be disappointed.

The ZDF commented on the “Bild” as follows: “There is still no decision about the form in which the” Helene Fischer Show “will be produced this year.” So nothing has been decided yet, but there is still a risk that the show also fails completely.

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