The Huawei P50 would have interchangeable lenses


Despite all the noise around Huawei and its problems with the United States in the commercial environment, the firm continues to investigate how to make the cameras of its mobiles the best on the market. For this you have to try to make them look as much as possible as professional cameras, something that could come with the Huawei P50.

If there is something we like about a professional or semi-professional camera, it is that we can change the lenses to our liking, in such a way that it is possible to give a different look to each photo with the properties of each of these lenses.

Interchangeable camera lenses

There are many accessories in the mobile market that allow us put another type of lenses in front of those that have our mobile. Lenses that achieve the fisheye effect, that give a special tint to the image or that for example gives us the possibility of capturing more scenes with a wide angle. Well the idea of patent we’ve now met from Huawei It goes in that line, but speaking of a more professional result, more similar to that of DSLR cameras.

Huawei P50

This new patent that we have now known from China comes curiously from the European Union Intellectual Property Office. In this the firm has registered a patent related to the camera of their mobile phones, it is not specified which one, and it is based on a system of interchangeable lenses. In the drawing that accompanies this patent we can see a lens that protrudes from the phone and that looks like it could offer an optical zoom like the one we can enjoy in some digital cameras.

Huawei P50

Another of the images shows us a camera that it has a great lens, which would be where the different available lenses would be exchanged. Next to it is a surface where we can see an LED flash and what also seems to be a perfect space to house different sensors that could accompany the main sensor, which would be the one that would benefit from the possibility of exchanging lenses.

Could the Huawei P50 release these lenses?

Logically we are talking only about a patent, which does not ensure anything, but of course it could be a functionality that if you get to a new mobile Could do it on the Huawei P50, if we consider that there are still many months to launch. We understand that this solution would be complementary to all the functions that Huawei mobile cameras offer thanks to artificial intelligence software. Of course it would be ideal, to be able to enjoy a mixed mobile camera on the Huawei P50, which allows us both to enjoy the best photographic software along with the best physical lenses.

Written by Jorge Sanz

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