The IFA in-person fair in Berlin is definitively canceled

This will be the most important technology fair in Europe due to the coronavirus

It was something that had been rumored since the official announcement of the organization to continue with the face-to-face event of the fair and it has finally been fulfilled. The IFA in person in Berlin has just been canceled by the organizers themselves. According to the official statement published on the fair’s website, plans to hold a virtual event via the Internet are being maintained for the moment. In fact, the statement itself invites you to participate in this event, called ‘IFA 2020 Special Edition’.

This will be the most important technology fair in Europe due to the coronavirus

IFA Berlin 2020: goodbye face-to-face until 2021

“Postponed until 2021.” This is how the organization opened the statement sent to the media a few minutes ago. The reasons for this decision attend to “the complications and restrictions that Asian companies have suffered to travel to other territories outside their respective countries.”


All brands that will actively participate in this year’s IFA will be present at the special event that the organization has prepared to broadcast over the Internet, as stated in the official statement. In fact, the number of participating companies exceeds 600 registrations, the highest number to date.

The organization’s plans for the next year are based on maintaining this number of registrations for the celebration of the in-person event in 2021. Unfortunately, the fair not provided a specific dateTherefore, it is understood that it may vary depending on the evolution of the pandemic in the different countries.

To participate in the online event, the organization has provided the media and brands with a registration form that must be completed.

For the first time in IFA history, the company will not provide on-site accreditations. All people who want to access the event online will have to register through the forms that we have just linked. The event in question will be held on September 3 and will end two days later, on September 5. Companies such as BSH, Huawei, Honor, JVC Kenwood, LG, Miele, Qualcomm and Schneider will announce their latest technology news, according to the official news.

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