The iOS 14 iCloud keychain alerts us if our passwords have been leaked

Privacy and security are fundamental axes in Apple’s policy. Many developers and large companies disagree with the latest decisions around iOS 14, iPadOS 14 and macOS Big Sur. However, more and more users are taking control of their data and their devices to know which companies monitor what and when. Other novelties of iOS and iPadOS 14 revolve around the iCloud keychain or iCloud Keychain. Within this complex are included notices if our passwords have been leaked or not. In addition, security recommendations are included for our password in which we can know what the security error is.

More security in our passwords with the iOS 14 iCloud keychain

Safari securely monitors your saved passwords, automatically monitoring for passwords that may have been involved in a data breach. To do this, Safari uses sound cryptographic techniques to regularly verify the derivations of its passwords with a list of violated passwords in a private and secure way that does not reveal your password information, even to Apple. If Safari discovers a violation, it can help you update it to log in with Apple when it becomes available, or automatically generate a new strong password.

This is one of the keys to the novelties of iOS 14 around the iCloud keychain. Apple has integrated a leaked password database which compares with our passwords associated with our keychain. In this way, if iOS or iPadOS 14 detects that any of our passwords has been leaked, we will be notified and we will be offered options to change it as soon as possible generating a more secure automatic password.

On the other hand, the iOS 14 iCloud keychain includes safety recommendations in the already added passwords. In this way, iOS comments under each password some recommendations such as the following:

  • Many people use this password, which makes it easy to guess
  • This password is easy to guess
  • This password uses a sequence “123”. Using common patterns makes passwords easy to guess
  • Reused passwords
  • This password is being used on other wb sites, which increases the risk for this account if one of the other accounts is compromised

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