the largest and most expensive SSD in the world

He Nimbus Data ExaDrive DC100 of 100TB It is the highest capacity SSD currently on the market. It was released two years ago, and since then no one has dared to usurp that record, in addition to the fact that it does not have much use to have SSD drives of such capacity, since to store large amounts of data it is better to do it on hard drives.

This unit, being the one with the most capacity, it was clear that it would also be the most expensive. Until now we did not know its price, but the company has decided to put it on the web without having to ask for a specific quantity for a custom order.

$ 40,000 for 100TB, or 40 cents per GB

The 100TB model costs $ 40,000, or what is the same, 40 cents per GB, or slightly more if we consider that the real capacity is around 7% less than the advertised capacity, so we are left with 93 TB (43 cents per GB ). The maximum reading speed is 500 MB / s, while the write one remains at 460 MB / s.

In comparison, a 1TB SSD currently costs around $ 100, or 10 cents per GB. Thus, buying a 100 TB unit does not provide advantages in terms of cost, since companies value other aspects such as space and energy consumption, this model being the most energy efficient in the world, and with 5 times more capacity. than the largest hard drive today (20TB). In fact, Nimbus also offers a 50TB model that costs almost four times less, priced at $ 12,500, or 25 cents per GB.

These drives are 3.5 inches in size as it is impossible to include as many memory chips in a size of just 2.5 inches. Also, this comes better for companies that replace 3.5-inch hard drives with these SSDs, since the space they occupy is the same.

The largest SSD we can buy the “mortals” are 8 TB

The largest consumer SSD that we can currently buy has a space of 8 TB. There are two models to choose from. The first is Sabrent Rocket Q 8TB. This unit is NVMe, and it costs 1,499 euros on Amazon, or 0.18 cents per GB.

The second is Samsung 870 QVO 8TB announced just a week ago, with QLC cells (the worst), albeit with a durability of 2,880 TBW. Samsung did not say a price, but it should be around 1,200 or 1,300 euros, equivalent to about 15 cents per GB.

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