The launch of the Microsoft Surface Duo is imminent

Last October the Surface Duo was announced, Microsoft’s first dual-screen Android device. Nine months have passed since it was first announced, although its official presentation has not taken place, nor do we know when it will launch in Spain. Luckily, this device is getting closer and closer to arriving.

For weeks it has been said that Microsoft would celebrate its presentation in July, although it is now commented that it will be in August. While we don’t have dates yet, the arrival of this Surface Duo is imminent, because it has already been certified by the FCC, a step prior to its launch on the market.

The Surface Duo has already been certified

Surface duo

The Surface Duo has already been certified by the FCC, which is usually the step prior to its launch on the market. Normally, when other devices have been certified, their launch is usually imminent, so everything suggests that this will happen with this device from Microsoft. In addition, it seems that Microsoft is already ready for the actual production of it.

Various media point out that the company could make it official in late August or early September. Everything would be ready to produce this device and it will arrive on the market in a few weeks. Although on the FCC website it is mentioned that there is a confidentiality agreement until October 29, so the device could launch it to stores for the Christmas campaign, although everything suggests that it would be official before October.

The Surface Duo is a device awaited with interestDue to its double screen, Microsoft has explained how it works. About its specifications nothing official is known, although the rumors point to a Snapdragon 855 processor, 6 GB RAM, 256 GB of storage and a 3,460 mAh capacity battery. Also, the device would come with a single 11 Mpx rear camera.

It seems that his arrival on the market, or at least his official presentation, is imminent already because of this FCC certification. We hope that Microsoft will announce to us soon when this device will be official.

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