The legendary Nokia 9210 Communicator resurrects 20 years later in the form of Samsung

The legendary Nokia 9210 Communicator, the most ‘business’ mobile of the Symbian OS era, is about to be reborn turned into a Samsung folding that will finally allow to keep the hinge

It is no secret that the new Nokia loves to appeal to nostalgia as one of the keys to his successful return, although the truth is that the Nordic firm has only recovered mobiles of economic range to date, such as its Nokia 3310 4G or the Matrix Phone Nokia 8110, hinting that they were working on a new XpressMusic that audiophiles would surely make a place for in our hearts.

In any case, nothing has been said about reliving high-performance hits like a mythical Nokia 9210 Communicator that is about to see the light again, but in the form of a folding smartphone and with the signature of Samsung, which has put the Communicator with his first Galaxy Fold to bring us a new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 which will be presented on August 5 as the perfect mobile for the most challenging environments business.

Picture of the Nokia 9210 Communicator

Nokia’s most ‘business’ smartphone, with Symbian OS, was once the most expensive and functional mobile phone on the market

And yes, Nokia has not, but this hypothetical Galaxy Z Fold 2 has a lot of Communicator, allowing us for the first time to use a folding mobile as a mini-laptop by being able to anchor the hinge in different positions, as the Galaxy Z Flip already does. At least note, this is what the leaks and rumors tell us, because Samsung has jealously guarded the secret …

The new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 will inherit the hinge of the Galaxy Z Flip and can be anchored in different positions, and for the first time allowing a folding mobile phone to use similar to the Nokia 9210 Communicator as a mini-laptop

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Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 open screen

This would be the new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2, according to the latest leaked renders

It won’t be cheap, but I admit the idea that I love it

I already mentioned it last year in a unpopular opinion manual, when I was talking here on Andro4all that The price of the Samsung Galaxy Fold did not seem high keeping in mind that it was a matter of advancing over time and having the best that the mobile industry can offer us.

It will not be different in 2020, since the Galaxy Z Flip anticipated that technology improves and prices decrease, but folding mobiles are far from being democratic but rather proprietary, aimed at a more business public and seeking to offer all possible functionality in a versatile design and much more smart never.

I admit that I am seduced by the idea, in fact, but I tried the first Galaxy Fold with mixed feelings, because the smartphone was more gimmicky than functional in a real environment, leaving me with honey on my lips and without even being able to taste this mini-laptop experience that was a must have and that the Nokia approached me in its day without until now, years later, had no response.

The functionality should be above the ‘WoW effect’, and for a hybrid mobile that offers a large screen of 7 inches or more it is almost essential to offer us this option of becoming a mini-laptop with a virtual keyboard at the bottom

Picture of the Nokia 9210 Communicator

The Nokia 9210 Communicator in all its glory, an image of Mobilissimo

It is true that will stay halfway, this is undeniable due to the size and design of the device, it is also true that a virtual keyboard will never offer the same response as the physical QWERTY full of the Nokia 9210 Communicator, but in my opinion it is almost essential to find advanced options for these designs, and this is certainly necessary thinking of productive environments where the terminal could be used very easily to write or correct documents, for example, or prepare presentations.

There are still a few days to know the next folding bet of a Samsung that has allowed us to see the Galaxy Note20 in all its splendor, but that the surprise of this third folding has been saved, we hope to confirm the rumors And, although it does not incorporate the S-Pen, it does have the attachable hinge and features such as a mini-laptop with a lower keyboard.

In fact, it is that only the South Korean firm seems to continue to bet decisively on these designs, and since we love to see different and innovative things, good is to give wings to a Samsung that is exploring almost alone a market that everyone will reach, without a doubt, sooner or later. What would you put on a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2? And don’t tell me that an affordable price that we know each other … And we all want that!

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