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The LG G8X begins to update to Android 10

The LG G8X begins to update to Android 10

In November, the LG G8X was officially launched in Spain, an important launch for the Korean brand. This phone stands out above all for its dual-screen accessory, which makes the phone’s use options more, such as being able to use it to play thanks to this accessory. A model that came with Android Pie to the market.

LG is not usually one of the brands that stands out for good for its updates. Fortunately, the LG G8X begins to receive Android 10 finally, a wait that has been too long for many users. The deployment of it has already started.

Android 10 for the LG G8X

Android 10

The update to Android 10 for the LG G8X has begun its deployment in Europe, Germany being the first country where it has already been launched, but it has also been seen in Poland already. It launches with the serial number V20a-EEA, so if you receive a notification on your phone and this is the serial number, it is the update to the new version of the operating system.

Along with Android 10, se launches LG UX 9.0 in said update, the new version of the personalization layer of the Korean brand phones. So users will receive a lot of news thanks to this update on their devices. Nothing mentioned at the moment, although presumably there will be some security patch as well.

Thanks to the update, the LG G8X will have access to the new functions of Android 10, such as gesture navigation or dark mode. In addition to being able to also enjoy the changes that the brand introduced in its interface with its new version, 9.0, which was made official a few months ago.

The update is being deployed using an OTA. It is already making progress in various countries in Europe, so if you have this LG phone, you should not have to wait too long to receive it. You will simply receive a notification to the phone informing of its availability. Don’t forget to have WiFi activated when updating.

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