The Lightning to USB-C cable that the iPhone 12 will include in the box will be braided

The month of September is approaching and with it the wave of leaks around the new iPhone. Although we have received countless rumors about the iPhone 12, the intensity of the leaks will increase in the coming months. The latest piece of information is that the iPhone 12 case will come almost empty: without EarPods or plug, only the iPhone and a charging cable, plus documentation and warranty. A few hours ago, images of the cable that could accompany iPhone 12. This cable will be a Lightning to USB-C cable and It will have a braided exterior design.

The iPhone 12 could have one of the first Apple braided cables

Rumors suggest that the iPhone 12 case will be smaller and Apple has decided to remove the EarPods and the charging plug. However, you do want to include a charging cable. This new leak found on Weibo, a Chinese social network, It shows us the charging cable of the next iPhone 12. It is a gray and white braided cable that at first glance makes a very good impression. As for the connections, it has a USB-C output that connects to the head that plugs into the light, while at the other end it has a Lightning connector to connect to the iPhone 12.

He Braided design of charging cables it confers greater resistance over time and correlates with longer duration. Currently, Apple offers these types of cables on Mac Pro and HomePod. However, no iPhone or iPad has this design on their charging cables, but they have the rubberized cables that Apple always includes.

Currently, this cable can be found in the Apple Store and is intended to charge iPad Pro. Although it is also recommended for iPhone 8 or higher to make use of fast charging in which you get 50% of the battery in 30 minutes. This is likely new cable is stronger and supports Apple’s idea of ​​offering quality accessories to users, allowing reuse other accessories such as charging heads.

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