the master purchase to take to the pool or the beach

Bose Soundlink Color: the master purchase to take to the pool or beach

Among the offer of portable speakers from Bose, the Soundlink Color II stands out for its waterproof. Also because, honoring its name, it is available at five colors. From lemon yellow to coral red, aqua blue, matt black or polar white, there is something for everyone … Its exterior finish, in addition to making it waterproof, makes it robust, and now it is also on offer for 120 euros (previously 140 euros) here.

Compact and robust

Bose is well known for its portable sound solutions and surprising sound results. Now that the heat is on, and we are looking for some peace in the midst of the worst health crisis we have ever known, it is time to seek refuge in a pool, terrace or beach … And it will be much better, wherever, to do it with music. The Bose Soundlink Color II is a compact wireless speaker that it measures just 13 x 13 x 5 cm and weighs 570 grams.

About the size of a paperback, its entire outer surface is covered in a soft material (silicone) that makes it resistant to scratches and small shocks. This surface makes it very pleasant to the touch and easy to grip, and helps the Bose to be splash resistant (although it is not submersible, be careful). It is perfect to have it near a pool in summer, or take it on a picnic even if the weather threatens rain. Internal Lithium battery gives up to eight hours of use normal. It is charged with the included microUSB cable.


The Bose Soundlink Color II has connectivity Bluetooth. That opens it up to being able to send you music from any mobile, tablet or laptop, even some dedicated portable players. With a touch we will pair it and from there the control will go to the mobile, although the Bose has control buttons on the top. So it’s easy to turn the volume up or down without looking for your mobile.

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Controls on top

Thanks to incorporating a microphoneThe Soundlink Color II can also function as “hands free”. We will can answer phone calls Or use it via mobile to hold group conferences now that teleworking, or family telemeetings, are the order of the day. And pressing its dedicated button, we will activate the voice control from the connected device (by accessing Siri or Google).

As we know, the Bluetooth connection reaches about 10 meters outdoors (it can be less indoors, and less with walls in between). To connect the Bose to any source, simply follow the voice prompts of the device itself and pair them. It is possible to instantly and easily switch between two connected devices if they are within range. It’s more, the Bose remembers the last eight devices used last and so it is easier to go back to one of them.

Application and extras

Downloading the application Bose Connect On the mobile we can access more functions, including customizing a specific configuration. The application also makes sure to notify us if there is a new firmware. When there are new functions or product improvements through this means, we can update it quickly and easily.

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An example of this is the recent Bose SimpleSync, with which we can synchronize various Soundlink II that we have. Ideal to organize a party, or to sound up a house with different rooms. There are also two modes, called party mode and stereo mode, designed for when we have more than one speaker. The party mode will synchronize the music on the two as above, but the stereo will send the music from your channel (left or right) to each speaker. If we put them like the speakers of a hi-fi system, in an equilateral triangle of two to three meters on each side, we will be surprised how the music gains quality. And how a sound scene is presented, with the music “floating in the air” and not seemingly coming out of each speaker (that is precisely the stereo effect).


Inside, the Bose Soundlink Color II carries the genes of Bose products for the ability to sound better than you expect. Internal amplification moves two compact full-range speakers, which reproduce all frequencies, from bass to treble. The bass is reinforced by two passive radiators, so in this compact and economical speaker we really have almost four-way. In addition, the sound is controlled by Bose’s own digital EQ adapted to the venue. By reinforcing the bass and preventing the treble from overdriving, the end result is a detailed yet warm sound with no fatigue.

In addition to receiving music via Bluetooth, the Bose also has a standard auxiliary input, the 3.5mm stereo jack, for use with any other source.

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Bose Soundlink Color II
Type Portable speaker with Bluetooth and battery

Two full band speakers and two passive radiators

Wireless connectivity Bluetooth
Tickets Auxiliary 3.5 mm stereo jack
Voice assistants Integration with Siri and Google via mobile
Battery Lithium, autonomy of up to 8 hours (charge by microUSB)
Waterproof Yes, IPx4 certification
Multi-speaker Yes, with other Bose devices, via Bose Connect App
Control and configuration Bose app, and physical buttons on top
Colors Black, white, red, blue and yellow
Dimensions 13.3 x 12.7 x 5.7 cm
Weight 540 grams
Release date Available
Price Offer 120 euros (RRP 14o euros)

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