The Mi Control Center app brings the iOS experience to your Android mobile

With mature and increasingly similar iOS and Android, personalization is still the biggest advantage of our platform. Try My Control Center and get the iOS style!

There is no doubt that in the competition of the binomial Apple and Google with their mobile platforms we have won the usersAnd it is that with the maturity of iOS and Android it has been shown that the gap between the two operating systems is increasingly blurred. And to show a button, because the arrival of iOS 14 with many of the functionalities of Android and the widgets finally through, is a clear example of this.

Android users have to admit that while the functionality of our platform is perhaps greater, For its part, Apple strives to polish the iOS experiences and the graphics of its interfaces much more, achieving a higher level of refinement in the daily use of the system.

My Control Center, full customization with iOS dyes

My Control Center, full customization for your Android with iOS tints

In any case, Apple does not have a very important thing that we do have in Android, and that is that there are no or no two identical Android phones, because customizing our platform is for sure your biggest advantage even allowing us, as Android Police taught us, that we can get the iOS dashboard experience and its refinement without too much effort.

It will suffice, in fact, that you dive a little into the Google Play Store to find apps like My Control Center, a development of the company Treydev Inc that will make it possible to have this translucent design on Android and separate notifications from the Apple mobile platform, being able to try a much more iOS experience on Android without changing mobile.

With iOS and Android already very mature, the truth is that the gap between both operating systems reduces with each iteration and this app, My Control Center, will allow you to try a more iOS experience without changing your Android mobile

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My Control Center

More powerful than it seems, the application will take control of the notification panel of your mobile with a new iOS-style design and Xiaomi MIUI customization, including attractive animations that make it much more enjoyable The experience of deploying the superior control center is in sight.

You will see how notifications and settings are separated into two panels different, which can be opened independently by sliding between the two halves of the screen. In any case, it is very easy to configure the gestures to our liking, and My Control Center has a huge number of options including going back to a more Android style with toggles Quick at the top, but you can customize the entire curtain with images as a background or with new icons.

My Control Center, full customization with iOS dyes

No two Android phones are the same, and without a doubt this is still the biggest advantage of our platform.

Everything is customizable in My Control Center, which will complement Nova Launcher wonderfully if what you like the most is leave your personalized mobile to the maximum so it doesn’t look like any other. With the first you will configure the notification curtain and quick settings, and with the second the entire interface of your Android smartphone.

The application is free for download from Google Play, although it has built-in purchases to unlock some of the most advanced customization options. In any case, testing it will take you a few minutes and you will not lose anything, so we leave you here the direct link:

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