The Microsoft Surface Duo is here: official price and availability

One of the most striking devices of 2019 was the Microsoft Surface Duo. This product is the first Android in the Surface brand and stands out for its original design with two screens. After almost a year since it was presented, it will finally go on sale.

Of course, it is not a cheap product, and not for all audiences. Microsoft has revealed its first features and the date on which this particular product can be purchased.

The Microsoft Surface Duo can be purchased on September 10

Microsoft is ready to start selling the first Android-powered Surface, a product we’ve heard about for months that will be available in September. That if, not for everyone.

The price of the Surface Duo is $ 1,399 and at first it will be sold only to companies. Microsoft seems aware that its first launch with Android has a high degree of specialization and because of this they have preferred to focus on the enterprise market, a sector in which it is easier to find an audience that does not skimp on expenses.

To justify its price, Microsoft boasts a degree of enterprise security that goes from the chip itself to the cloud. By implementing UEFI firmware control, Microsoft has control of every line of code that affects the device, giving them the ability to fix any software threats instantly.

Regarding its technical characteristics, Microsoft has not yet given too many details about its processor or memory configuration, although it does about its particular screen. The final choice will be an 8.1-inch PixelSense Fusion screen, which in practice are two individual 5.6-inch screens that allow us to work together or independently, as if it were a notebook.

The device has all the suite room of Microsoft 365 applications, but also has Google Play and Google certification for Android Enterprise.

In addition to Android, Microsoft indicates that on this device we can have a complete Windows 10 experience thanks to the power of the cloud thanks to Virtual Desktop technology. They have not specified about its connectivity, but it is hoped that we can connect the Surface Duo to a monitor and that through said remote desktop we have access to our complete work environment.

Regarding the date of sale, the Surface Duo can be purchased from September, 10th, with less than a month left for its launch.

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