the mobile could bring the latest Kirin processor


Little by little, 2020 is revealing all the great terminals that were yet to be presented, as we have seen with the recently presented Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra. But with the permission of Apple, with the iPhone 12 as one of the greats to come, many of the eyes are on Huawei and what will happen and how the next Mate 40 will be launched.

The Huawei Mate 40 will be Huawei’s next flagships, in a presentation that promises to be one of the most interesting and crucial for the company in years. Due to its war with the United States, Huawei has found nothing but stones in the way to be able to continue the normal development of its mobile division.

Arrival in September

The latest news about Huawei, collected by GizmoChina, comes to us from the “China Information Technology Summit 2020”. It has been the CEO of Huawei Consumer Business, Yu Chengond, who has revealed that despite everything, the Mate 40 series follows the brand’s roadmap and will be launched at some date to be determined during next fall. In addition, it has also dropped that Huawei Mate 40 could be the latest devices that integrate a flagship processor of the firm, that is, the expected and known until now as Kirin 1000 or Kirin 1020.


Latest high-end Kirin?

According to the director, this processor will be one of the most powerful on the market with support for 5G, AI processing with an improved NPU a graphic processing never seen in the terminals of the firm. However, the development of these processors has come to a halt due to the new prohibition by the United States that comes into force on September 15. Due to this, the firm believes that the manufacture of chips is impossible and for this reason will stop evolving the famous Kirin.

Let’s remember that this new ban prevents chipmakers using American technology, they can do business with Huawei. In this way, TSMC, the developer of Huawei Kirin, has stopped receiving orders from the Asian giant since last May.

Kirin 980 HiAI

With Android 11 inside

Meanwhile, the Huawei Mate 40 continues to leak with a dropper, like the rendered images that we saw a few days ago and that revealed its possible design. But more important if possible is to know what will happen at the operational level. There seems to be little doubt that Mate 40 will arrive on the basis of Android 11, but with Huawei Mobile Services instead of Google’s. In addition, we expect news about the operating system that Huawei prepares and therefore, the future of the brand.

Written by David Girao

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