The mobile does not take screenshots: reasons and how to fix it


Taking screenshots is a feature that all today’s smartphones have. Over time, what started as a curiosity, which could only be done by third-party apps, has become a native integrated utility and is used by many users even several times a day. But what happens when our mobile is unable to take screenshots?

In MovilZona we see very frequently the failures and problems that our mobiles face on a daily basis. Luckily, in many occasions we will be able to get out of trouble, since solutions are usually within our reach. In the event that our mobile can not take screenshots, also There can be several causes and therefore, different solutions.

Why the screenshot doesn’t come out

Wrong method?

Before continuing to look at other solutions, we must make sure be following the correct pattern or combination of screenshot. The key combination may vary from one model to another. This means that we may come to believe that the problem is with our mobile, when the reality is that we are not performing the correct method. Whatever mobile you have, see how to take a screenshot on any model before blaming the mobile.

Damaged buttons

It is one of the most common failures. A crash or the mere passage of time can impair the precision of some hardware buttons like the power and volume buttons, which are key to the classic screenshot combination. If any of the buttons dance too much or generally don’t respond well, it is undoubtedly the reason that we cannot take screenshots. This problem requires the hand of a technician to repair these buttons, but luckily we can continue taking screenshots using other methods.

lg screenshot keys

Memory loss

It is very common that the memory of our mobile reaches its limit. When this happens, many of the most necessary functions will stop working. If we do not have space, we will not be able to send, for example, WhatsApp voice notes, but we will not be able to take screenshots. It is recommended to clean some space and try again, to verify that it really is the problem.

Remove the case or cover

We do not notice it because our case or cover is already part of our mobile. However, on many occasions the holes or parts that touch the buttons, do not allow screenshots to be taken correctly. This can cause the captures to be made intermittently, or that we can never capture them. In this case we will have to remove any protector and test again to see if the capture is done without problems.

What alternatives do I have?

If all of the above fails, we will not be able to rmake screenshots with the most classic method and used of all. But luckily, our mobile is a Swiss Army knife full of options to get out of trouble.

Try it with Google Assistant

The Google Assistant, natively present in many terminals (can be installed otherwise) allows you to take screenshots just by asking. It is a method that allows us to get out of doubts and take action in case it is impossible by another method. We just have to say “Ok Google” / Take a screenshot.

google screenshot

Capture app

Google Play is full of applications to take screenshots. The solution may be to download one of them and try your luck. In many cases it is the best way to make these captures when all of the above fails. We leave you just below with a large number of apps so that you can try the one that best suits your needs.

Download Screenshots app on Google Play

Capture with the software button

Everyone the mobiles that allow taking screenshots, they have several methods to do it. If we are trying to do it from the classic button method and there is no way, it may work if we press the screenshot button. This is found in the quick options on the taskbar. If it’s not initially in view, it might be in the options below. Pressing the button should capture smoothly.

Written by David Girao

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