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The mobile phone with 100GB of storage that could dominate the market

The mobile phone with 100GB of storage that could dominate the market

The Nextbit Robin was a brave mobile for daring with cloud storage, however it was not successful commercially or among users.

One of the main complaints that we have users of mobile devices is the storage space of the devices. With the passage of time, the 8 GB that many terminals of years ago had have become outdated especially because apps increasingly occupy more and more storage.

Now, there was a device that could have dominated the market thanks to its infinite – at the time it was created – storage capacity. A device that ridiculed the storage of the competition but for certain reasons … it was a failure. We are talking about the Nextbit Robin.

Remembering the Nextbit Robin, the cloud-based device

Nextbit Robin

The Nextbit Robin had many arguments to succeed, although the truth is that it was a resounding failure.

Android phones have been around a lot throughout history. But this Nextbit Robin came with a curious premise under its arm, to be a cloud-based device. At a time when the cloud was not as established as it is today, users used microSD cards to solve the little storage space that smartphones had, so this idea was not crazy at all.

So in addition to the 32 GB of series –something quite unusual back in 2015–, the Nextbit Robin had 100 GB of additional storage in its own cloud, which would save space within the device. Seen this way, it seemed that said smartphone was going to be a sales success but the reality was very different.

The crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter was a resounding success and the device reached its funding much earlier than expected. The device was therefore put on sale in early 2016, sending a thousand units to those who put money on Kickstarter and just over 2,000 extra units sold through its official website. However, in 2017 Nextbit was acquired by Razer and sales stopped immediately, definitively closing its cloud service in 2018.

Nextbit Robin

The Nextbit Robin showed that despite having good ideas, the execution was not the most successful

Why did the Nextbit Robin fail? Performance issues, a messy camera, and terrible material quality, all for about 400 euros.

In short, the Nextbit Robin had many arguments to succeed but at the moment of truth it failed to make users fall in loves. He was quite brave daring with the space in the cloud but it is true that he did not care about other aspects quite important for users such as the performance and the app of his camera.

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