the mobile with folding screen will be launched in 2021


It is frequently stated that folding phones are here to stay. However, they must still be accepted by the general public, which in general has never tried a similar device. Large manufacturers will continue to launch their new projects in 2021, and one of those companies will be LG.

LG has always been a company that has dared with innovation. Let’s remember without going any further, that several years ago they launched two generations of the G Flex, terminals with a curved screen (which is not flexible). However, when it comes to folding mobiles, LG has been standing on the brake watching from the sidelines the launches of its most direct rivals such as Samsung or Huawei.

Flexible but not foldable

Now, the news that reaches us from Korea affirms that LG will launch a smartphone with a roll-up screen for next year, and that it has the code name “Project B” The news would confirm some of the previous patents filed by LG and that were aimed at the design. In this way, LG would distance itself from its rivals with a different style and not seen so far. The terminal works with the same type of screen as its rivals, but its application is totally different.

lg mobile roll up

According to reports from South Korea, LG is actively working on a terminal whose screen is displayed from the sides, thanks to the integration of a flexible OLED panel. It is also reported that this panel is not typical of LG, but will be supplied by the Chinese manufacturer BOE. The device’s design, materials, and other components are reportedly an engineering challenge that LG is finishing solving ahead of a commercial launch in 2021.

More folding to go out

Meanwhile and before the end of the year, LG’s most direct rivals such as Samsung and Huawei are expected to unveil their new folding mobiles. At the same time and apart from LG, there are other companies that have been kept out of a commercial launch so far, but they are also working on a folding mobile such as OPPO or Xiaomi. Likewise, and in order to corroborate if we are dealing with a technology that is here to stay, a folding mobile style must still predominate and for that, they must be put in the hands of the general public. It goes without saying that for that to happen, they still have to be launched on the market at more affordable prices than seen so far.

Written by David Girao

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