The most recommended YouTube channels for children

Children are the ones who consume YouTube the most in homes, that’s why we bring the most recommended channels for them.

New technologies have made the Internet available to everyone thanks to smartphones. A product that minors increasingly own or have easy access to. Even parents use their smartphone to calm their children in tantrums or to put songs to help them sleep, and they mainly go to platforms like Youtube for such tasks. An application that children also access to watch videos that they like but that, due to the great content published, it is better to have such access controlled, and for this reason we leave the Most recommended YouTube channels for children.

Currently, three and four-year-old children have seen the odd video on YouTube, and more and more young people begin to have their own smartphone before, even when they are ten years old. It is true that YouTube has a service according to their ages, such as YouTube Kids, but sometimes inappropriate content is usually cast. In addition to establishing parental controls and restricting access to certain content not suitable for minors, putting any of these channels It is also a good option to leave the smallest of the houses in front of the screen of a smartphone.

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The most recommended YouTube channels for the smallest of the houses.

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Pocoyo It is a popular children’s television series that also has its own official YouTube channel, where it uploads its episodes so that the smallest of the house can see these popular characters anywhere. One of the most successful children’s series of the last times that narrates the adventures of neither boy nor his friends, like an elephant or a duck.

TOYS on the go!

TOYS on the go! It is a YouTube channel in which they are uploaded toy videos, both unboxings and test videos of the same. A content that usually fascinates the little ones and that tries to show toys of all kinds and special colors for children.

Super Simple Songs

With 23 million subscribers, Super Simple Songs is a YouTube channel from songs in English designed to help children learn the language through children’s songs and other artistic activities. There is even the odd catchy song that the adult will soon be humming.

Sami Apps

A YouTube channel designed for the smallest of the houses learn both language and languages. A channel that arises as a response to an ecosystem of services aimed at learning colors, numbers or shapes in a very didactic way.

Doctor beet

Doctor Beet is a YouTube creek with a high educational component and that is governed under the motto “we play, we learn and we have fun”. Among his videos you can see various topics such as sums, numbers, geography, world flags or Roman numbers, among many others.

Smile and Learn

Smile and Learn is a channel with educational and fun videos aimed at children aged between 3 and 12 years. Videos that will help you learn from the professions to vocabulary, science, history or geography, among many other materials related to letters.

Mouk in English

Mouk in English is a channel in which the children will accompany Mouk, the protagonist, on his travels around the world at the same time that they learn aspects of different countries and cultures, and all in english, making it perfect for learning that language.

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